Course Descriptions
          Course Descriptions

                Below you will find descriptions of our courses and related fees.

Maine Concealed Carry / NRA Basic Handgun Safety

The basic fundamentals of firearms safety, nomenclature, proper gun handling, elements of basic

marksmanship make up this ever popular course.  Focus is on safe gun Handling.  One day class.

 No prerequisites.        Recognized by Maine for obtaining CCW permit .      

1 box Copper plated 22LR (50 rds),       Eye and Ear protection      
8 Hours , plus .                          

 $85.00                Minimal Range Time    

Handgun Familiarization & Marksmanship skills
    This class picks up from where the Basic Handgun safety class leaves off. It is "Shooting" oriented and  held entirely on the range.  Students will have the opportunity to "Familiarize" with a selection of handguns based on action type, size, and caliber.
     The Primary emphasis will be on Basic Marksmanship Skills with extensive, one on one instruction by experienced instructors and coaches.

Equipment--  Eye & Ear protection, Comfortable and weather appropriate outdoor clothing. Raingear, water and a bag lunch is recommended.

Ammo-----   200 rds of copperplated 22LR
                     50 rds  .38 Special, FMJ ( basic practice ammo)
                     50 rds  .9mm Luger,  FMJ (basic practice ammo)
These amounts are minimums and students may bring more, and/or other calibers. Check with us first about other calibers and availability of firearms.

Prerequisite--  Valid Maine CCW permit or proof of prior training as approved by our staff.

   Cost  $120    Graduates of our Basic handgun Safety course may receive a $20 discount  by furnishing proof of attendence.

A  Gun In The  House               " A Non-Shooting,  Gun Safety  Course""
Do you or someone you know have a dread  fear of Guns??    If so, could it be because of a lack of knowledge about them??

Perhaps we can help. " A Gun in the house "  was designed to help dispel myths and rumors concerning guns and to educate
the student about safe handling procedures and the truths regarding their use.

Their is no shooting involved, only lecture, and hands on training with the use of  Dummy ammo.
No pressure,or
written tests, we proceed at a pace comfortable for you. . Only a laid back relaxed atmosphere.

 Let us help you get over your phobia about guns.  Our  experienced instructors can help !!!

No Prerequisites, No equipment needed.      3-4 hours  

Ladies Introduction to Armed Defense

This introduction to Armed Defense is an intense one day course that will develop your Defensive Mindset as well  as start your grounding in  weapons skill training.  Topics and skills have been chosen with the issues of the Armed female in mind.     We will cover...
* Ladies "Carry" issues
*Threat Awareness, Recognition & Avoidance
*Weapons of the adversary
*Dynamics of an attack
*"Less than Lethal" issues

*Basic Defensive shooting skills, with both revolvers and autoloaders.

Equipment Required---  Eye & Ear protection, serviceable handgun, appropriate  holster,                      3mags /speedloaders, and pouch.  Brimmed hat, water bottle, snack and or lunch.

We have a variety of appropriate handguns available for students use for a small maintenance fee.

We suggest raingear, and bug repellent as well.
  Ammo--100 rds .38 special  ball .   PLUS  100 rds
of ammo to fit your auto. 
(If you are  using one of our student loaners you will need 100 rds of 9mm ball)

$150             No Prerequisites

Defensive Handgun One (DH1)

  Defensive Handgun One
,  is an "on the range" class with Minimal lecture.

This course is designed to establish the foundation needed for your defensive  shooting skills. 
Extensive drills and repetition give you the base, for which all further skills are defined.

    "Running the gun"

    Elementary principles of  Marksmanship
    Trigger Reset

    Dialing In
    Proper draw techniques

    Stances and static shooting positions
    Driving The Gun

    Presentation from Concealment

Equipment  Required
   Eye and Ear protection,  Serviceable handgun (Any Caliber or style) , Appropriate holster, 3 Mags or Speedloaders and pouch,  brimmed hat,  Water bottle, snacks & or bag lunch.  We suggest raingear, and bug repellent as well.

Ammo  400 Rds             Prerequisites   None


Defensive Handgun Two   (DH2) 

DH2 is  an intensive day of  defensive skills.  Though there is no pre-requisite, basic knowledge of your firearm and proper safe gunhandling  is recommended.    You need to know your equipment as well as the basics as are covered in D
H1 or similar courses.   Some of what we will cover...

Tactical Loading
Moving off line of attack
Use of Cover
Draw from concealed carry positions
Safety Circle & SUL
Malfunction Clearances
Precision shots
Draw and shoot with time constraints
Multiple and off line targets.
Failure Drills
Equipment  Required   Eye and Ear protection,  Serviceable handgun, (Any centerfire Caliber above .380) , Appropriate holster, 3 Mags or Speedloaders and pouch,  brimmed hat,  Water bottle, snacks & or bag lunch.  We suggest raingear, and bug repellent as well. Firearms and gear is available for use with prior arrangement.

Ammo  400 Rds             Prerequisites   None                           $150

Defensive Handgun Three   (DH3)

DH3  is a dynamic, fast paced, course designed to challenge your skills and hone them sharp.
Scenario based drills, with Shoot and No-Shoot targets will put you in the middle of the decision making process.   Use of steel targets allows for instant feedback to the shooter, allowing for appropriate and immediate response.

Shoot/No-Shoot Scenarios
Speed Drills
Shoot on The Move
After Action Review and response
Multiple Targets
Crossing the "T"
Advanced "Cover" techniques
Induced Stress Drills
Ball and Dummy drills
Moderate Distance precision shooting
Post Action
Equipment  Required
   Eye and Ear protection,  Serviceable handgun (Any Caliber or style) , Appropriate holster, 3 Mags or Speedloaders and pouch, A dump pouch would be helpful,  brimmed hat,  Water bottle, snacks & or bag lunch.  We suggest raingear, and bug repellent as well.

Ammo  500 Rds             Prerequisites -  DH2 or equivalent                 $150

Close Combat   Pistol Combatives  

This class is all about adversity and staying Frosty.  We introduce you to a variety of tactics and dirty tricks.    Some designed to help you stay alive and others deigned to test your metal under "Trying" Circumstances. This will be a class you will Love to Hate!

Fighting in the "HOLE"
Fix Bayonets and Charge !!
Support hand ONLY
Fighting from Your Back
Protective Actions for others
Fighting through pain
Engaging from tables, booths, and other awkward positions
Use of a "Back Up"  Pistol
"Bringing a Gun to a Knife Fight"

Equipment  Required
   Eye and Ear protection,  Serviceable handgun (Any Centerfire caliber larger than 380) with
Appropriate holster.
3 Mags or Speedloaders and pouch,
(Main Gun)
 Deep concealment Back up handgun with concealment holster or pocket carry,
One handed, lockblade knife with 2.5"- 4" blade
Hydration system, snacks & or bag lunch. 
Knee pads
, brimmed hat,
We also suggest raingear, Elbow Pads, and bug repellent as well.
2 spare shirts, 1 complete spare change of clothes. 
1 Pair winter gloves or work gloves.

Ammo  500 Rds             Prerequisites  DH3, CRG, or equivalent        $200


Defensive  Shotgun Skills
Our basic Shottie class!!!! 
 Learn what a shotgun will and won't do. Not what you have seen on TV and the movies.
See and try Singles, doubles, Pumps, Semis!! 
Find out the tactical advantages as well as the drawbacks of both Buckshot and Slugs.
Whats better?? an alley cleaner, or the touted Vang Comp.
See and try the Infamous Saiga AK 12 Ga.

If you have ever wondered about the scatter gun and all the myths and rumors about them, come see for yourself.

Equipment Required-   Eye and Ear protection.
Serviceable shotgun. any type, any Gauge.   
Serviceable handgun (Any type) and holster.

Shotguns & Pistols are available for use with prior notice.
Hydration system,   Bag Lunch, & or Snacks. Eye and Ear protection, sturdy belt.
Raingear, Bug Dope

Ammo---   5 Slugs,  30 rds 00 Buck(Min) , 10 rds #4 Buck(min),  50 rds target loads.

These amts are based on 12 Gauge.  If you are going to use a different Gauge, call for ammo requirements.
                100 rds Pistol Ammo
                        Prerequisites---- None             $150             


Tactical Shotgun One     TS1

The Tactical Shotgun is the most misunderstood of all the small arms platforms.  TV, Cinema and video games have created myths about the shotgun that mislead the shotgun owner who desires to use his Shottie for Self defense.
We will teach you how to run your Shotgun, capitalize on its strengths and compensate for the weaknesses of the system.  Learn to get the most out of your scattergun.

Understanding Choke & Pattern
Issues of Ammo
Running Your Gun
Ammo carry methods
Combat & Speed Loading
Shooting Positions
Shooting on the Move
Transition to sidearms
Equipment-----   Serviceable Shotgun , Dbl, Pump or Semi-Auto.12 Ga or    20 Ga only .      Sling on the shotgun would be helpful.    Shotgun Ammo carry system, (may be pouches, belt loops, speed strips  etc)      

Shotguns and Pistols and other equipment available with prior notice

 Pistol, semi or revolver, Centerfire caliber larger than .380.  Holster, 2 spare mags or  2  speedloader and appropriate carriers etc.                  

Eye and Ear Protection , Bag Lunch,water/ Hydration system, Brimmed hat, Rain gear, Bug repellent .

AMMO---  12 Gauge---   10 slugs,   30 rds  2 3/4 00 Buck all same brand.   
                                                               30 Rds 2 3/4 00 Buck  different brand 
                                OR                         50 rds  2 3/4  bird/target
                                                               200 rds Pistol Ammo,  FMJ, or FMC

                      20 Gauge----  10 Slugs,   60 Rds of 2 3/4" #3 Buck, 50/50 two maufacturers if possible.
                                                                50 Rds  Bird/target
                                                                200 rds Pistol ammo,   FMC or FMJ

  Prerequisites----- None                $150

Bad Back,  Old Eyes,  &  Oversized

As the name implies, this is a class for those folks who are not in the most tip-top physical shape.
We have worked with  Amputees, the morbidly obese, folks with bad backs, knees and hips, those who are limited to crutches, wheelchair bound, even legally blind.
We don't worry about what you can't do, we work with what you CAN do.
Taught at your pace, in a laid back comfortable atmosphere.

Equipment  Required   Eye and Ear protection,  Serviceable handgun (Any Caliber or style) , Appropriate holster, 3 Mags or Speedloaders and pouch,  brimmed hat,  Water bottle, snacks & or bag lunch.  We suggest raingear, and bug repellent as well.
Guns and shooting gear is available for a small fee with prior notice.

Ammo  300 Rds             Prerequisites   None


"Rock & Roll"    Full Auto Laboratory         $250

In response to last years Success !!!

 This years theme will be to pit 3 tactiacal long-gun platforms, (Full Auto Sub-Guns, Assault Rifles,  Tactical Shotguns) head to head in a standardized test. Andif time allows we will do it with hand-guns as well.

You will familiarize with all 3 platforms, then you will run through a number of  timed drills using weapons from each category. Find out how they compare !! 
Due to the nature of the course and the number of firearms to be used, we are limiting class size.
                Sign up early and don't miss your chance to "Rock & Roll" !!

Equipment---  We will supply Class 3 Full Auto Sub Guns, as well as Representative guns from the other groups.

 You may, if you wish, Bring any legal firearm you own that fits in the
groups listed , if you have them.

 If you have a pistol, larger than .380 caliber with appropriate holster, two spare mags/speed loaders, and pouches. We have pistols and gear available if you don't.
Eye & Ear protection,
Bag Lunch.
Hydration unit or water bottle.
Brimmed hat.              
Bug dope & or a head-net are recommended .
knee pads might be helpful...
Rain Gear and outerwear as appropriate.

Required   100      rds  Pistol Ammo  (For your sidearm)
rds   5.56                                 
                             400     rds  
9mm  FMJ
                             200     rds   .45 acp
                             200     rds   7.62 x 39        
                               60     rds   oo Buck 12 Ga
                               20     rds   slug       12 Ga

As you can see their will be a lot of shooting!!   Therefore we have limited the class size to no more than 10 students.

Spots will be held when paid for !  Sign up early !!


"Bug Out  Survival"
After the tragedy's of 911 and Hurricane Katrina, the U.S. Government felt it prudent that U.S. citizens create and maintain a "Preparedness Kit".  This kit would be portable, yet would contain supplies that  would help sustain life for a period of from 3 to 4 days .   Dubbed the 72 hour kit, and since known by numerous names such as "Bug out bag", "Get Home Bag", Bail out Bag, they all share the basic theme.  To help keep you alive.
Many people have purchased ready made kits, or filled backpacks with neat little gizmos designed for survival needs.  However  a great many of these folks have no skill using the gear contained in these bags.  Especially in real field conditions.

A further issue that became apparent was that of "self-defense" in the chaos of the post disaster  situation.  Katrina showed us the ugly face of looting, assaults,
gang terror, rape and murder in a society where the norms of civilization had cracked, however temporarily.

In "Bug Out Survival"  we will discuss and demonstrate the suggested contents for making your own bag.

In the second phase  you, will get to work with the gear in a "hands on" skills laboratory. Students will be broken down into groups. You learn to use survival equipment, build temporary shelters, and use "Scrounged" items.   
Students may spend an overnight and
food will consist of a variety of "Survival rations".

Simultaneously , training will be ongoing at the shooting range, where groups will rotate through. Students will view small arms demonstrations and participate in familiarization with a variety of firearms.
A separate block of instruction will introduce students to the basics of Defensive use of the Handgun.
Due to the many variables of this course, we are limiting numbers, so sign up early to reserve your space.


Items to bring ---        Rain gear, shoes with good support, cap with visor,  Folding knife with lock blade and or a multi tool.  Prescription meds, personal hygiene items,

Optional Gear--  (Bring it if you wish,)  Sheath knife,  Survival kit or B.O.B. etc, poncho or tarp, small tactical flashlight, chem sticks,  Fire starting kits, work gloves., change of clothes and socks, underwear. Most any gear you need to "Try out" if appropriate. (You may not be allowed to use it on the overnight, that will be up to the instructor)
  Center fire handgun .380 or above, serviceable holster and 3 mags or speedloaders. Shooting glasses or prescription glasses, hearing protection.
Ammo ----  200rds 9mm FMC,   50rds 12 Gauge bird/target, 20 rds 12 Gauge 00 Buck,100 rds 7.62x 39,  150 rds 5.56, 200 rds 22LR.

$300 / 2 days,  
    $400/ 2 days & Over-night. 
         The overnight course, (if offered) requires additional equipment. Requirements will be given at the time you sign up !!


Sign up early,  Space is limited !!

Defensive Carbine    DC1

Our Defensive carbine course addresses the use of rifles in a variety of defensive situations.

Any rifle or carbine of any caliber may be used. Bolt, Semi, Lever , rimfire or centerfire!!
Bring what you own...
We will help you learn to run that system in the most efficient manner for defensive use.
Carbines and handguns are available for student use with prior arrangement if desired.


Students using a 223/5.56 or 7.62x39 semi-auto platform--   300 rds plus 50 rds pistol ammo

Students using  Lever or bolt rifles, 100 rds min of your caliber, plus 60 rds each of 223/5.56 & 7.62x39  Minimum for familiarization with additional platforms. 
You will need  a seviceable rifle/carbine with a sling. A serviceable  handgun, semi or revolver caliber .380 or above, along with a holster, Mag/speedloader pouch and at least 2 mags or speedloaders.
Eye and ear protection is required, additionally we recommend, water, bag lunch, snacks, brimmed cap, sunglasses,  rain gear.

Prerequisites: None, however you must be proficient with SAFE gun handling skills.

 Tactical Carbine

    This course is designed with the "Assault Rifle"or "Auto Carbine" in mind.  The most commonly seen platforms are the "AR"s, "AK"s and their variants.   However most any autorifle  with rapid reload capability would suffice.  M-1 Carbines,  SKSs,  Garands,  FALs, FNCs, Minis as well as the wide variety of "Pistol Caliber Carbines".  

   Focus of the course will be on use of the carbine in the 0 to 50 yard realm. Some of the things we will cover...

*   Advantages over other platforms.
*   Calibers
*   Contrast sighting systems
*   Load Bearing Equipment 
*   Transition tlo secondary system
*   Tactical Movement basics
*    Use in close quarters
*    Basic two-man team concepts.

 Equipment:   You will need a Serviceable Auto-carbine with sling, Handgun, revolver or semi auto with appropriate holster and either speed loaders or two spare mags with pouch.
Eye and ear protection is required.  We also suggest Load Bearing Equipment or Tac-vest,  water, Lunch and snacks, bug spray, rain gear, brimmed cap, sunglasses, knee pads, Cleaning gear.

  Ammo:        500 rounds of appropriate caliber rifle/carbine ammo.   200 rounds pistol ammo.

      Prerequisites:   None, However this is an intermediate course and prospective students should be proficient in SAFE gun handling skills.  

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