2013 Calendar of Events
Below you will find our calendar of upcoming events. Check back frequently for newly posted classes and events.

If you don't see the class you want, listed or if you have specific needs, please call us.

Private Lessons & Groups We frequently schedule dates for those seeking Private Lessons or Group sessions. We are happy to tailor classes to your training needs.

Equipment Equipment & Ammunition needs vary with individual courses and with the seasons, an updated equipment list will be provided when you register.

Should you need any equipment for a class, we have firearms and all supporting equipment needed to outfit you for a small maintenance fee .

Registration and Policies

Guarantee -All "Pinetree Tactical " Classes are covered by our Money Back Guarantee.

Should you decide the class you're taking with us is not for you... tell us before the class half-way point and we will refund 100% of your fee.
(Not applicable to NRA basic safety class )

Refunds for cancellation Should you need to cancel a class, contact us immediately!!! Refunds are based on time frame.

1 month prior 100% return

2 weeks prior to class date 75%

1 week prior to class date 50%

Less than a week , no refund

However, you may reschedule for the same named class, on another date, held within 6 mos of the date you signed up for originally, with no additional charge. Must be same person originally enrolled.

(Not applicable to NRA basic class)

Registration Initial registration May be done by phone or email, followed up by Check or MO. Credit Cards accepted in person. Checks must clear before class date.

Please feel free to call us with any questions you may Have.

We Look forward to training with you! ! !

Most Fridays and some Saturdays are available for private lessons and group Instruction. Call 207-827-3718 for info..--

Ammo Shortage... Due to the current ammo situation we have been reluctant to post a summer training schedule until Ammo became more available. However recently, enough of you have contacted us requesting specific classes that we are going to schedule some classes with low volume ammo count. We have also been asked if 22LR firearms could be used for defensive training. The short answer is a qualified YES. We normally would not allow rimfire to be used for Defensive training except in extreme situations. Apparently with no end in sight to this Ammo crisis this would seem to be one of those situations. So we WILL , though somewhat reluctantly allow the use of rimfire arms and ammo, though we recommend that for your own benefit you try to obtain as much centerfire ammo as you are able.
Adapt and overcome!!!

June 2013

09 Basic Handgun Safety Course/Maine CCW $85


29/30 Maine CCW/ & Basic Marksmanship 2 day FULL

06 Comprehensive Firearms Familiarization FULL

07 Basic Handgun Safety Course/Maine CCW $85


21 Basic Handgun Safety Course/Maine CCW $85

28 Defensive Handgun one DH1 $150

04 Defensive Shotgun Skills $150

11 Basic Handgun Safety Course/Maine CCW $85

25 Basic Handgun Safety Course/Maine CCW $85
08 Basic Handgun Safety Course/Maine CCW $85
6th Handgun Marksmanship $100
19th (SAT.) Basic Handgun Safety Course/Maine CCW (Trenton) $85
20th Defensive Pistol Skills $125 $150
3rd Basic Handgun Safety Course/Maine CCW $85
10th Handgun Marksmanship $100
24th Maine CCW/ Home Firearm Safety $85
2nd (SAT.) "A Gun in the House" Ladies Only $75

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